Tillypops toys

Tillypop is my Shihpoo. She's a cross between a Shih Tzu and a Miniature Poodle, and she's an adorable bundle of love.


Tillypop's Toys are enrichment toys for dogs, cats, rabbits and guinea pigs. Each toy is handmade with love. There is a range of toys and colours, and bespoke toys can be made to order.


Why do pets need enrichment toys?

Like us, pets may sometimes get bored. Enrichment toys introduce excitement and challenge into your pet's daily routine.

What is a raggati rug?

The 'Snuffelmat' was invented in the Netherlands by dog owners who wanted to extend feeding times for their dogs, and introduce an element of hunting/searching for their food. The Raggati Rug is the Tillypop's Toys' version of the Snuffelmat, made here in the UK.


how does it work?

The mat is designed to enable you to hide dry food or treats between the tufts of polar fleece, and watch how your pet enjoys the hunt and reward.


Enrichment toy for dogs

benefits of the raggati rug for dogs

  • Alleviates boredom

  • Encourages slower eating

  • Introduces a sense of excitement about meal times

  • Suitable for use in a crate or in the car

  • Can be used as a reward for good behaviour


About me 

I'm Kyri. I live in Nottinghamshire with my family and Tillypop. I have Vasculitis - a debilitating illness - but I do my best to get on with life and enjoy making enrichment toys for pets. When I'm too ill to make toys, my family helps out.


My Mum and Tillypop take care of me. Tillypop helps with everything from opening doors, to taking off my socks. She even pulls the covers over me in bed. Having Tillypop by my side, gives me the confidence to go out. I started making toys for Tillypop as my way of thanking her for her help. I then thought I'd make some and try and raise money for charity. The profits made from the sale of toys goes to Vasculitis UK and UK pet charities. If you would like to nominate a pet charity, please email me.


what is Vasculitis?

According to NHS Choices


"Vasculitis literally means 'inflammation of the blood vessels'. Inflammation is your immune system's response to tissue that has become injured or infected.Damaged cells release chemicals that cause blood vessels to leak fluid into the tissues, causing tissue swelling. If there's an infection, this helps isolate the invading germ. 


In vasculitis, your immune system attacks the blood vessels by mistake. The trigger may be an infection, a medicine or another medical condition. Sometimes, however, the cause isn't clear. 


It leads to swollen blood vessel walls and narrowed blood vessels. Blood flow to tissues and organs is reduced or blocked. If the blood vessel wall becomes weak, bleeding can occur.Any blood vessel can become inflamed like this, from large arteries ("arteritis") to small blood vessels, in any place in the body. The larger the blood vessels affected, the more damage there may be. All these variables mean there are many possible types of vasculitis, each with different symptoms and potential complications."


For more information, please visit: www.vasculitis.org.uk